S Siddhagiri’s SATVYK THE HEALTH re STORE Organic Bajra (1kg) – Unpolished Pearl Millet | Desi Bajri | Gluten Free Bajra | High Plant Protein & Fiber Rich Desi Bajra Grain

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Product Description

Satvyk, Organic, Green, Sustainable.Satvyk, Organic, Green, Sustainable.

Satvyk – The Health reStore is not just Organic Food but a complete Organic Lifestyle. We are a huge family of 8000 Farmers (Desi Kisan) and many small scale Rural Women Self-Help Groups. We believe in providing our Customers complete Organic and Edible items i.e Chemical-free and as Nature intended it to be!

Emmer Wheat FlourEmmer Wheat Flour

Organic Millets!

Desi Kisan, FarmerDesi Kisan, Farmer Direct-from-source, with love & smiles!

We work to develop & nurture a greener sense of purpose! In the process, we help our farmers follow sustainable farming practices & ensure that there is no use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers at any stage of the supply chain including farming, storage & packing.

Here, we promote hand-made to factory made & hence, work with small marginal farmers for our sourcing needs. We take pride to say that majority of our processing activities are handled by Women Self Help Groups from rural India.

Natural & Organic Millets!

Millets is one of the most ancient forms of food and was famously consumed by all our ancestors. It is known to be very healthy, nutritious and tasty. In earlier days, one bowl of millet daliya used to be entire lunch. Due to heavy dietary fibers, it is a wholesome lunch and is a very good source of energy.

Before this bundle of Happiness is delivered at your door-steps, Satvyk ensures:

Farmer, Organic, Sustainable, Healthy, Food, FlourFarmer, Organic, Sustainable, Healthy, Food, Flour

Wome Self-Help Group, Organic, FlourWome Self-Help Group, Organic, Flour

Natural, Organic, Good Food, HealthyNatural, Organic, Good Food, Healthy

Sustainable, Organic, Natural.Sustainable, Organic, Natural.

Indigenous and Local Seeds!

Millets are grown naturally using Indigenous variety of Seeds in various rural farms of India.Our Farmers wakeup early morning at dawn and work day-in & day-out to produce chemical free food for us. They use manual Labor force to get rid of weeds – the unwanted plants in Farms instead of Chemical Sprays. They still believe in using Desi Cow’s Cow-Dung & Go-Mutra and various natural Arks like Jeevamrut & Dashaparni Arks to fight pests rather than Chemical Fertilizers.

Chemical-free Millets!

After the efforts taken by our Farmers for 5 months, we finally get fresh, Natural and completely chemical-free Millets!Grains are then sun-dried and are separated from their Husks using the traditional method of Winnowing.

Cleaning, Grading & Packing of Natural Millets.

These Natural & Healthy grains are then cleaned, graded and packed manually and not by any Machine process.Women associated with Rural Self-Help Groups are provided with grains and cleaning & packing materials.As entire process in manual and as automated processing is not done, all the Nutrient Contents are intact to the Millets and not burned away. Thus, making them more Healthy and Nutritious option.

Benefits of Millets.

Millets contain Proteins in it which helps in maintaining strong health and is a very good source of energy.Loaded with Proteins, Iron and Calcium Millets help in maintaining the skin healthy & glowing.High Fiber contents in them helps in keeping Body Weight in check.Daliya/Khichdi made from this millets is extremely healthy and yummy! Its even loved by Kids 😛



We at Satvyk believe in connecting small Marginal Farmers with Customers directly!All our produce is Direct-from-Source.Our Farmers have immense knowledge of the traditional agricultural practices carried out earlier which helps retain the health of the soil.


Women’s Self-Help Groups.

Satvyk is associated with many small Women’s Self-Help Groups from various rural villages in the Country.Our many back end operations like Packing, Cleaning, Grading, Flour preparations and many more are carried out by them.Thus, we are able to contribute our bit towards Rural Women Empowerment!


Old. Good. Slow. Food.

Growing Organic in combination with the slow processing of the Produce , in our opinion, is the best way to offer Organic Food.So, we provide our Customers Wood-Pressed Oils, Hand-Pounded Dals & Rice, Stone-Ground Flours, etc.Our slow-processing methods are inspired from Ancient Indian Wisdom followed by our Ancestors. We are sure once you see these slow-processing techniques used by our Farmers, you will time travel to your Childhood!


Sustainable Practices.

Our Farmers practice the best Organic and Natural Farming practices to ensure the adherence to the principles to Environment Sustainability.

✓ Digestive Harmony: Embrace the digestive benefits as this grain supports gut health and aids in maintaining regular bowel movements
✓ With its low glycemic index, Organic Desi Bajra Whole is an ideal choice for those mindful of their sugar intake
✓ Bone Strength: The rich blend of calcium and magnesium in Organic Desi Bajra Whole supports strong and resilient bones
✓ Sustained Energy: The complex carbohydrates present in this grain offer a sustained release of energy, keeping you fueled throughout the day
✓ Immune Support: Benefit from its immune-boosting properties, derived from a wealth of essential nutrients
✓ Antioxidant Protection: The antioxidants in Organic Desi Bajra Whole heps protect your cells from oxidative stress

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