Saffola Gold Refined Oil|Blend of Rice Bran Oil & Sunflower Oil|Cooking Oil|Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil 1 Litre Pouch

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Price: ₹180 - ₹118.00
(as of Oct 22, 2023 08:06:00 UTC – Details)

We understand that your family’s health and your health is ever so important for you. And we also understand that it’s not easy. Today our food habits, stress & activity level affect our health. And without realising it, our heart health too. Did you know that to keep our body functioning well and healthy, it is important to keep our heart healthy? That’s because the heart is the control room of the body. A healthy heart is among the first steps to overall health. So it is not about taking care when a problem arises, but ensuring you take small steps today to take pro-active care of your heart and health. The easiest step is to switch to foods that are healthier for your heart. And choosing the right cooking oil can help make your meals better for your heart and health. Saffola Gold multisource edible oil can help keep your family heart healthy. This vegetable oil has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA with a specially designed anti-oxidant system that helps improve immunity. Saffola Gold, with Oryzanol, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Saffola Gold cooking oil comes with LOSORB™ technology which results in upto 33%* lesser oil absorption in food. So choose Saffola Gold that’s better for you because it is better for your heart! Saffola encourages you to follow a balanced diet & active lifestyle. *as compared to commonly consumed cooking oils; basis frying studies on potato, 2021.
With Oryzanol that helps maintain cholesterol levels. Saffola Gold now with 15% increased Oryzanol
With LOSORB Technology so that food absorbs upto 33% less oil as compared to other commonly used cooking oils, basis frying studies on potato, 2021
This vegetable oil brings alive the natural flavour of the food cooked & spices used, without altering any flavour

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